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The idea of implementing a reward ecosystem within the Radix Network is the central aspect behind radiator. We are establishing a cashback system, where holder of \$RDT will get rewarded in \$XRD when buying or using certain products from our partners.

\$RDT Token

\$RDT is the first cashback utility token on Radix DLT. Supporters will receive airdrops for staking on our node or fullfilling tasks (giveaways with certain conditions). Stakers will receive a bonus when fulfilling tasks.

🛠 Node 🛠

Earn passive income by staking \$XRD on our node. Not only will you receive staking rewards in \$XRD but also you will receive \$RDT airdrops fequently.

Stake with us!

Our Radiator ("RADix validATOR") node is run by german Radix community members. The node runs on a 24/7 monitored ESXi Cluster with automatic backups. To optimize handling of updates, one node is always up and running. Not only will you receive passive income by staking on the Radiator node (\$XRD token with ~9% APY), but also you will receive our \$RDT cashback utility token via frequent airdrops. The more \$XRD you stake, the more \$RDT you will receive. But, everbody will receive a fair share at some point.

  • longtime supporters (staking duration)
  • small amount stakers
  • big amount stakers (whales)
To ensure everybody receives a fair share at some point, the airdrop parameters will change frequently and without prior notice:

  • staking duration
  • min. stake
  • max. stake
  • min. airdrop amount per wallet
  • max. airdrop amount per wallet

How to stake:


The native Radiator token \$RDT is basically a „reward-token“. We are establishing a network of partnerships throughout the whole Radix ecosystem. Holders of \$RDT will receive \$XRD cashback, when interacting with goods and services from our partners.

$RDT Utility examples:

  • discounts when buying NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens)
  • reduced DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) Fees
  • discounts on software engineering services

The conditions for these utilities are set by our partners and vary from project to project:

  • amount of $RDT to hold in the wallet you are using to interact with goods & services
  • holding duration
  • others (depending on goods & services)

In our aim to optimize the value transfer within the Radix ecosystem we give recommendations to our partners on how to set the conditions in the best way for everyone. cashback



100.000.000 $RDT

Team & Development

Our team has many years experience in software development, marketing and sales. We aim to combine our abilities and the unique features on the radix network for the success of the Radiator project.

Airdrops & Presale

Participation in our community and staking on our node will be rewarded with native \$RDT Airdrops. A limited presale is considered.

$$\frac{\sum stake_{user} \times \sum Airdrop}{\sum stake_{validator}}$$

Consulting & Advisors

To fulfil our goals we rely on various external support and expertise in matters of research, technical issues and so on.

Marketing & Promotion

As we want to spead the word and make our project as successful as possible, we need reserved funds ready for exchange listings, marketing events and so on.

Incentives & Rewards

Radiator rewards your participation in our planned ecosystem of partnerships.